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BOX UP Beer Up System single-draw touchscreen filler

Beer Up’s Box Up allows you to control and adjust the draft via a touch-sensitive LCD screen. The Box Up is installed like a column, connecting to the existing refrigeration system. It can then be used either in self-service mode, or by staff.

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Drawing & service

Container CompatibilityBeer Up glasses / tumblers
Drawsingle draw
Fillingautomatic, manual, removable spout
Beer pressure service25 cl Beer Up, 50 cl pint Beer Up, bottom filling
Draw gridchoice of upstream draw: 25 cl or 50 cl via specific grid, Interchangeable grids during service
Set of grids provided1 grid for 25 cl draw, 1 grid for 50 cl draw


Servicebar service
Filling controlTouch screen
Distribution systemon existing installation, via CO2 bottle (not supplied)
Speedvolumetric meter
LightingLED lighting when filling, screen backlight

Set up

Type of beer tapbox / draw box
Installationconversion of existing python installation upstream/downstream, countertop installation / new standard system, to be connected to a refrigeration unit
Type of barrels20 L, 20 L tube, 30 L flat
Connectionsobligatory earth connection

Technical characteristics

Width202 mm
Depth137 mm
Height140 mm
CO2 bottle compatibility500 g to 5 kg

Beer Up Box Up: a new way of serving draught beer at the counter

The Beer Up Box Up device offers a unique unprecedented service!
Controlled by a touch screen, the device can be implemented on an existing standard print run. This system optimizes and facilitates counter service.
Easy to install, this draught head adapts to standard connections (kegs and CO2 cylinders), making serving draught beer child’s play.

Box Up Beer Up System tirage pression pour comptoir

Engage and serve with fingertips

Beer Up System’s Box Up device makes serving draught beers easy. No need to be a printing expert. There’s no need to master glass tilting to avoid overflow and excessive foaming…

How does glass filling work? Simply place the cup in the center of the grid ( orifice ), then select the serving method ( manual or automatic ) … Box Up does the rest!

How can a glass be filled from the bottom? When the glass is clicked into place, a filling nozzle is inserted into the Beer Up cup. Each cup has a hermetically sealed valve at the bottom. The nozzle starts the filling process with a spiral jet that generates a light foam. Filling stops automatically once the glass has been filled to a perfect foam neck.

Combining an innovative print with unbreakable reusable cups

Beer Up System’s Box Up filler is combined with dedicated bottom-pressure cups.

Beer Up cups are eco-designed and reusable. Made of plastic, they are sturdy and unbreakable. Their curved shape makes them easy to hold and a real pleasure to eat.

50 cl Beer Up pint or 25 cl Beer Up half-pint: forget potential breakage and broken glasses.

All Re-uz ® containers are 100% recyclable. Made from a single plastic material (walls and valve), they can be easily recycled.

buse de remplissage Beer Up System by Re-uz
tirage pression en spirale Beer Up System

A professional drafting system for your facility

Bottom-filling and the resulting automation optimize service efficiency while preserving the quality and authentic flavor of draught beer .

Beer Up System ensures that every centilitre in the keg is served. Thanks to this device, there’s no need for a starter. It is estimated that 10-15% of barrels are thus “not wasted”.

An innovative beer pump

Beer Up System’s Box Up filler has compact dimensions: 20.2 cm wide, 13.7 cm deep and 14 cm high.

The control screen makes it easy to use (even in the dark or subdued light of a building). When filling, an LED backlight activates and illuminates the glass.

The volumetric counter provides an accurate record of the volume of beverages served.

The Box Up filler has an interchangeable grid for 25 cl or 50 cl prints. The grid is installed before the service, but can be changed at a moment’s notice.

tireuse comptoir Box Up de Ber Up System
gobelets Beer Up dans un café bar restaurant

An original pressure service & containers customized to your image

Offer your customers a unique experience! Beer Up returnable cups can be customized to your image. They’ll shine on tables and enhance your brand. They’ll captivate your customers and convey the values of re-use and innovation.