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IGLOO BEER Beer Up System double-draft filler

The Beer Up Igloo Beer device allows intensive use of the device. The stainless steel cabinet is solid and sturdy. Mounted on castors, it’s easy to move around, making it ideal for large-scale events.

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Drawing & service

Availabilitypurchase, rental
Glass rinserdouble
Container CompatibilityBeer Up glasses / tumblers
Drawdouble draft, doubled draw: 2 x 25 cl, doubled draw: 2 x 50 cl, mixed draw: 25 cl + 50 cl
Fillingautomatic, manual, removable spout
Beer pressure service25 cl Beer Up, 50 cl pint Beer Up, bottom filling
Draw gridchoice of beer drafts upstream: 2 grids to define, Interchangeable grids during service
Set of grids provided2 grids for 25 cl draw, 2 grids for 50 cl draw
Drainerstainless steel


Servicebar service
Filling controlbuttons
Number of buttons2 buttons for automatic filling, 2 buttons for manual filling
Distribution systemvia CO2 bottle (not supplied), via integrated air compressor
Speed295 L/h (Δ T 15)
Lightingbacklit buttons

Set up

Type of beer tapstainless steel cabinet with integrated drawer tray
Installationautonomous, mobile module on casters
This beer tap includesBeer Up System professional draft system, compressor, furniture / bar, specific piping to the connection of 2 barrels
Type of barrels20 L, 20 L tube, 30 L flat
Maneuverability4 reinforced wheels, large handle, module on casters
Connectionsobligatory earth connection
Max length of cooling coils2 x 30 m

Technical characteristics

Width581 mm
Depth538 mm
Height1145 mm
Maximum power918 W
Compressor power3/4 CV
Ice bank weight40 kg
Evaporatorcopper, double evaporator
Tank capacity85 L
Bowl materialpolystyrene
Insulation foampolyurethane
Cooling typedry cooling
Air inletbackside, lateral

The igloo Beer filler: double draught for all occasions

The Igloo Beer filler is part of the Beer Up System range of beer pumps. This is a double-draft, self-contained , mobile device. Easily transportable, the stainless steel module can be deployed indoors or out. The Igloo Beer filler features a patented bottom-filling draught system. The system is completed by Beer Up cups that fit onto the turntable.

BEER UP IGLOO BEER: Mobility and practicality guaranteed

The Beer Up Igloo Beer dispenser is a mobile beer dispenser on wheels. Handy and innovative, it features a double pressure draft for impressive performance. Equipped with Beer Up System technology, it offers an original, fast service: a real draught by filling from the bottom of the glass. Its practicality, maneuverability and sturdiness make this beer pump perfect for events with large crowds. The Igloo Beer module is an innovative draught solution. Designed to meet the demands of the biggest events, this filler is also popular with stadiums, bars, cafés, restaurants and catering services. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
tireuse à bières Igloo Beer Up System
tireuse à bière mobile en inox Beer Up System

The Igloo Beer fountain: the "all-terrain" beer pump

The Igloo Beer draught module stands out for its stainless steel design and unfailing ease of use. With 4 reinforced wheels and a large trolley-style handle, this draught beer filler is easy to move around.

This stand-alone filler features a built-in compressor (3/4 HP) and coils for 2-barrel connection. The module also integrates the piping required to connect the CO2 cylinder.

Featuring a double copper evaporator and an ice bank capable of holding up to 40 kg of ice, it offers a high flow rate of up to 295 L/h.

Double bottom draft pressure

Beer Up System technology allows glasses to be filled from below. The device is available in two forms: specific drawing plates with nozzles, and Beer Up glasses/cups with valves at the bottom. Engaged on the pull plate, the nozzle is inserted into the glass. Filling takes place via aspiral jet that generates foam in parallel. Glass filling stops automatically (unless manual filling is preferred). Service consists of simply removing the glass. The hermetically sealed valve ensures that the beverage is watertight.
tirage pression en spirale Beer Up System
platine de tirage pression Igloo Beer Up System by Re-uz

Control and pressure-free service

The Beer Up Igloo beer filler features a removable spout (similar to a conventional draft system). However, its uniqueness and originality lie in the fact that it is filled from below… You’ll literally turn up the heat.

Filling is simply controlled by buttons. Two buttons per run: one for manual filling, the other for automatic filling.

Automatic filling is performed at the touch of a button. Filling stops as soon as the glass is full, to the nearest centilitre, with a perfect foam neck.

Pressure service for a pint and a half

The Beer Up Igloo module is available with two sizes of draft “grids”. Each grid hasspecific notches for the Beer Up cup sizes that will be used during service. A grid for 25 cl Beer Up cups or 50 cl Beer Up cups must be installed prior to service. It will allow a single format to be served during use. The grid can be changed during short periods of use, requiring installation time. Some Beer Up Sytem fountains offer “mixed” dispensing systems (a single grid for 25 cl and 50 cl sizes in short service): the sizes are detected when the glasses are inserted. This device is available on the Beer Up Roller Stand draught bar, on the Beer Up Self Up draught module (self-service), on the Stand Up draught stand or on the Beer Up System Trappiste draught beer dispenser.
verres Beer Up sur platine tireuse à bière Beer Up System
pompe à bières sur roulettes en inox Beer Up System

The beer up system: a genuine ecological alternative

The Beer Up Igloo beer pump is a green solution that combines the utility of a concept with a sustainable approach. It combines drum savings and reuse.

Beer Up tumblers are specifically made to last. and provide optimum drinking comfort. They can be reused hundreds of times. What’s more, they are fully recyclable, as they are made from a single material.

The Beer Up System bottom-pressure draught minimizes barrel losses due to tapping or overflow. This saves 10-15% of the barrels compared to a “classic” bottling.