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IGLOO BEER tray with double pull and Beer Up System glass rinser

This tray incorporates a glass rinser. Available in 2, 4 or 6 prints, these trays are designed to be integrated into your establishment right at the counter. The connection will be made to the existing cooling system.

You can also easily adapt the Beer-Up Igloo turntable to your classic Igloo filler.

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Drawing & service

Glass rinsercentral
Container CompatibilityBeer Up glasses / tumblers
Drawdouble draft, doubled draw: 2 x 25 cl, doubled draw: 2 x 50 cl, mixed draw: 25 cl + 50 cl
Fillingautomatic, manual, removable spout
Beer pressure service25 cl Beer Up, 50 cl pint Beer Up, bottom filling
Draw gridchoice of beer drafts upstream: 2 grids to define, Interchangeable grids during service
Set of grids provided2 grids for 25 cl draw, 2 grids for 50 cl draw
Drainerstainless steel


Servicebar service
Filling controlbuttons
Number of buttons2 buttons for automatic filling, 2 buttons for manual filling
Distribution systemon existing installation, via CO2 bottle (not supplied)
Speedvolumetric meter
Lightingbacklit buttons

Set up

Type of beer tapplate / draw plate
Installationconversion of existing python installation upstream/downstream, countertop installation / new standard system
This beer tap includesBeer Up System professional draft system
Type of barrels20 L, 20 L tube, 30 L flat
Connectionsobligatory earth connection

Technical characteristics

Width450 mm
Depth450 mm
Height40 mm

The Beer Up Igloo tray: beer service revisited

In the dynamic world of beer, the Beer Up Igloo draft tray is a real revolution! Beer Up System technology reinvents the way beer is served … Discover a unique visual spectacle when filling glasses from below.
In addition to its modern design, the Beer Up Igloo pull-out tray features a built-in rinse system. Intuitive operation at the touch of a button.

The vanguard of Beer Up Igloo double draught presses

Beer Up System technology is cutting-edge. It revolutionizes the classic approach to serving beer, offering an astonishing visual spectacle when filling glasses from below. The Beer Up Igloo double-draught tray incorporates a rinsing system (to wash the upside-down glass). A spout can also be added to start the barrel. Operation is intuitive: two buttons for each print (automatic or manual mode). During filling, an LED system activates, highlighting the swirl coming from the bottom of the glass. Aesthetics + simplicity + speed: the Beer Up Igloo draft tray marks a genuine evolution in brewing culture, combining performance, economy and tasting pleasure.
Platine de tirage pression Beer Up System Igoo Beer by Re-uz

Countertop-adaptable pull-out tray

Specially designed to complement or replace traditional draw columns, the igloo tray is easy to install in any facility. This Beer Up Igloo drawer can be integrated into an Igloo drawer module on castors. It can also be counter-mounted. The Beer Up Igloo tray is designed for intensive use. It stands up to the rigors of a busy catering operation. This innovative bottom-pressure solution ensures optimum service management when customers are busy. It allows precise, overflow-free dispensing at the right dose.

Beer Up system: a practical, economical & environmentally friendly draught solution

Beer Up System technology, or how to fill a glass from the bottom...

Beer Up System turntables work with specific Beer Up cups. These are fitted with valves at the bottom of the glass. These valves are hermetically sealed. Opening only takes place when the glass is positioned on the plate for filling. Once the cup is removed, the watertight valve automatically returns to its original position to ensure a complete seal against the plastic glass.
remplissage gobelets Beer Up System
platine de tirage pression Igloo Beer Up System by Re-uz
tireuse à bière Beer Up insallée dans un café

Beer Up System innovation for hop lovers

The Beer Up System pressure-drawing system minimizes keg losses (overfilling or tapping). The Beer Up Igloo tray allows each glass to be served to the exact centilitre without spilling.

An automatic mode can be activated (choice of capacity: 25 cl or 50 cl). Spiral filling is therefore infallibly precise.
In addition to fast, fun service, Beer Up System is an “anti-waste” solution: it guarantees optimum use of every liter of beer.

The Igloo device includes a volumetric meter. It will record the volume of beer served with remarkable precision.