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SELF UP Beer Up System single-draft refrigerated filler

The Beer Up Self Up device is a refrigerated cabinet on which the Beer Up serving tray has been placed. It provides continuous self-service 24/7. This system ensures that the keg remains fresh and long-lasting.

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Drawing & service

Container CompatibilityBeer Up glasses / tumblers
Drawsingle draw
Beer pressure service25 cl Beer Up, 50 cl pint Beer Up, bottom filling
Draw gridGrid
Set of grids provided1 single grid


Serviceself service
Filling controlcashless, Prepaid card, Programming client cards, servers and loading volumes on card, Touch screen
Distribution systemvia CO2 bottle (not supplied), via integrated air compressor
Speedvolumetric meter
Lightingscreen backlight

Set up

Installationto place on a table or bar counter type support
This beer tap includesBeer Up System professional draft system, compressor, piping specific to the connection of 1 beer keg
Type of barrels20 L, 20 L tube, 30 L flat
Connectionsobligatory earth connection, RFID cards, badges & bracelets provided
Optionsbatch of personalized printed RFID cards (250 or 500), cash reader, networking kit (PLC), set of blank RFID cards (50, 100 or 250)

Technical characteristics

Cooling typedry cooling

Beer Up Self Up: a self-service, single-draw bar/fridge unit

Beer Up System’s Self Up filler is designed for self-service installation. Featuring a touch screen and on-board RFID technology (“contactless” control), it can be installed in hotels, bars, lounges or self-service restaurants. It allows each user to serve himself a fresh beer, in total autonomy. It offers both an atypical service experience and an unrivalled tasting experience.

A draught beer dispenser combining design and innovation

The Self Up filler stands out for its innovative features and design. This free-standing fridge cabinet is elegantly finished and blends seamlessly into the décor.
Combining sophistication and simplicity, it can be strategically installed in high-traffic areas near a buffet, a reception area or a hotel lounge.

The Self Up filler is a self-service beer pump. Filling is controlled by locking the glass and activating the service via an RFID badge. The contactless reader recognizes the card and authorizes use of the service.

Tireuse à bière en self service & meuble frigo Beer Up System
tiruse à bière Beer Up System en self service

A unique self-service pressure-drawing experience

This filler A simple draw allows customers to serve themselves, without the need for a waiter. It also transforms beer drinking into an interactive experience.

bracelet & carte RFID sans contact Beer Up System

Before any consumption, the customer will be given a prepaid card, badge or wristband. These are fitted with an RFID chip. As soon as the card passes over the contactless surface, the machine activates and service can begin.

Pressure filling from the bottom of the glass

Visit Beer Up System technology is innovative. This device allows the glass tobe filled from the bottom. Once switched on, the cup fills quickly with beer. perfectly balanced Visit Beer Up cups feature a valve at the bottom. When the cup is inserted into the drawplate, a nozzle is inserted at the bottom. The beer is propelled inside via a spiral jet, creating a fascinating vortex crowned by rich, dense foam. Once the glass is full, filling stops automatically.
tirage pression en spirale Beer Up System
Beer Up Self Up au sein d'un hôtel

24/7 service

This automatic self-service method adds an element of pleasure to the tasting experience. It also frees up staff to concentrate on other aspects of the service, optimizing your establishment’s efficiency.

Innovation at the service of the economy

In addition to the practicality of the Beer Up System draw-off device, the concept offers real savings.
The Beer Up Self Up is designed for continuous operation, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted service.

The filling device prevents overflow. You don’t need a starter to serve a draught beer: it’s estimated that 10-15% is saved (or rather served directly into the user’s glass).

self up tirage pression autonome en self service