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NOMADE Beer Up System portable double-draft beer filler

The Beer Up Nomade device can be used intensively to serve a wide range of beverages. Its lightweight structure, mounted on castors, makes it easy to move around.

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Drawing & service

Availabilitypurchase, rental
Glass rinserdouble
Container CompatibilityBeer Up glasses / tumblers
Drawdouble draft, doubled draw: 2 x 25 cl, doubled draw: 2 x 50 cl, mixed draw: 25 cl + 50 cl
Fillingautomatic, manual, removable spout
Beer pressure service25 cl Beer Up, 50 cl pint Beer Up, bottom filling
Draw gridchoice of beer drafts upstream: 2 grids to define, Interchangeable grids during service
Set of grids provided2 grids for 25 cl draw, 2 grids for 50 cl draw
Drainerstainless steel


Filling controlbuttons
Number of buttons2 buttons for automatic filling, 2 buttons for manual filling
Distribution systemvia CO2 bottle (not supplied), via integrated air compressor
Speed295 L/h (Δ T 15), volumetric meter
Lightingbacklit buttons

Set up

Type of beer tapresin furniture with integrated drawer tray
Installationautonomous, mobile module on casters
This beer tap includesBeer Up System professional draft system, compressor, furniture / bar, specific piping to the connection of 2 barrels
Type of barrels20 L, 20 L tube, 30 L flat
Maneuverability4 reinforced wheels, integrated handles, module on casters
Connectionsobligatory earth connection

Technical characteristics

Width645 mm
Depth643 mm
Height1065 mm
Maximum power918 W
Compressor power3/4 CV
Module weight70 kg
Ice bank weight40 kg
Thermostat (cold reserve temperature)mechanical
Evaporatorcopper, double evaporator
Tank capacity90 L
Bowl materialpolyethylene
Insulation foampolyurethane
Cooling typedry cooling
Air inletbackside

The Beer Up Nomade draught beer dispenser: a truly mobile draught service

Beer Up System’s mobile filler lives up to its name. It enables us to offer a genuine pressure service anywhere, anytime. It combines practicality and manageability to offer an exceptional and unforgettable tasting experience.

A bottom-filling mobile beer pump

The Beer Up Nomade is a sturdy, portable beer tapping machine. This is an all-terrain beer pump. It features reinforced wheels, enabling it to be moved easily indoors (lounges, restaurants, cafés, hotels, bars) and outdoors (festivals, stadiums, rough terrain, terraces). Ergonomic handles make it comfortable to hold and move. Self-contained, it’s easy to install: all you need is a ground connection. This filler features the Beer Up System… Glasses are filled from the bottom: the pressure literally rises from the bottom to the top.
tireuse nomade Beer Up System sur roulettes
service des bières pression par le bas

Ease of service in all circumstances

The Beer Up System technology is innovative. It combines two elements: – A turntable equipped with filling nozzles; – Beer Up glasses with hermetically sealed valves at the bottom. Classic” beer taps are lever-operated. The glass should be tilted under the spout to avoid excessive foaming… With Beer Up System, filling is done at the touch of a button. The service can be performed in two different ways: – Manually : the glass fills as long as the button is pressed; – Automatically : filling stops automatically once the glass is full. The Beer Up Nomade features a pressure reducer and drain valve integrated under the tray. Concerts, cultural events, trade fairs, festivals, sporting events, temporary bars, campsites… The Beer Up nomad will quickly become a benchmark!

A mobile beer pump for events

Beer Up System’s nomadic filler features a double draught. A removable spout can be fitted to replace one of the notches. It snaps into place.

The resin module is optimized for shock resistance and easy movement: 63.30 cm wide by 64.30 cm deep. The height is just over 1 metre: 106.50 cm. Within the module, the barrel can be placed. A mechanical thermostat controls the temperature of the cold store.

tireuse à bière tout terrain Beer Up System
Beer Up System tireuse bière pression transportable

Quality draught beer service

The Beer Up Nomade is part of a range of mobile ice-bank solutions. It offers professional-quality pressure printing, ideal for tasting stands, parties or events.

The ice-bed principle enables beer to be served cool throughout the service (ideally at 6°C, adjustable via mechanical thermostat). This water reserve will be cooled by a chiller. The mass of chilled water will constitute a genuine cold reserve, ensuring high inertia and continuous cooling.

The cooling coils are located inside the ice block (40 kg).

For added freshness, the Beer Up Nomade filler features a double copper evaporator that uses R134A refrigerant to cool the outside air.

Polyurethane foam insulation covers the inside of the module to keep out the cold. Even when it’s hot outside, the coolness remains constant.

Beer Up System’s mobile filler is equipped with an integrated 3/4 HP air compressor, allowing beer to be tapped without a CO2 bottle.

The output is extremely high: 295 L per hour! The Beer Up nomad filler is designed for intensive use.

Whether for concerts, cultural events, trade fairs, festivals, sporting events, temporary bars or even campsites, the Beer Up nomade can be deployed with ease. More than just a mobile beer dispenser, the Beer Up Nomade dispenser represents a real breakthrough in terms of event management.