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Beer filler TRAPPISTE Beer Up System for counter & table top

The Beer Up Trapiste device is a tray to be placed on a table or counter. With a capacity of one print at a time, it can be customized and placed anywhere.

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Drawing & service

Availabilitypurchase, rental
Container CompatibilityBeer Up glasses / tumblers
Drawsingle draw
Beer pressure service25 cl Beer Up, 50 cl pint Beer Up, bottom filling
Draw gridGrid
Set of grids provided1 single grid
Drainerstainless steel


Serviceself service
Filling controlGlass engagement
Distribution systemvia CO2 bottle (not supplied), via integrated air compressor
Speed100 L/h (ΔT 15)
LightingLED lighting when filling

Set up

Type of beer tapMetal box with integrated drawer tray
Installationautonomous, to place on a table or bar counter type support
This beer tap includesBeer Up System professional draft system, furniture / bar, piping specific to the connection of 1 beer keg, specific piping connection for regulator and CO2 bottle
Type of barrels20 L, 20 L tube, 30 L flat
Maneuverabilityintegrated handles
Connectionsobligatory earth connection

Technical characteristics

Maximum power442 W
Compressor power3/8 CV
Thermostat (cold reserve temperature)mechanical
Bowl materialpolystyrene
Insulation foampolyurethane
Cooling typedry cooling
Drain valveincorporated
Air inletbackside, lateral
Personalisationcustomizable furniture and dimensions, Customizable magnetic magnet

The Beer Up Trappiste filler: the self-service draught pump

The Beer Up Trappiste is a self-contained beer filler that fills glasses from below. The patented Beer Up System is portable. The pedestal can simply be placed on a counter or table. Self-service and unrestricted, the Beer Up Trappiste filler offers a truly innovative draught system…. A new way of serving beer, offering users a unique experience.

tireuse à bière trappiste Beer Up System

Trappist Beer Up: a new way to turn up the heat

Visit Beer Up Trappiste is a Beer Up System single-draw tray integrated into a transportable metal case. The compressor and piping are incorporated inside the metal casing. Customizable magnetic stickers can decorate the box. The module’s compact dimensions enable it to be placed directly on a table or counter. Service takes place when the user inserts his cup into the draw grid. Thanks to a system of notches, enabling the machine to interpret the capacity of the glass ( 25 cl Beer Up cup or 50 cl Beer Up cup ), filling is carried out from the bottom, with no overflow and a perfect foam neck.

easy, precise , illuminated filling

The Beer Up Trappiste allows cups to be filled from the bottom, making it extremely easy to fill to the nearest centilitre. A simple click on the glass is all it takes to start the draw.

On start-up, LED lighting is activated, highlighting the swirl of draught beer coming from the bottom of the glass. The spiral filling generates perfect foam density. The glass can be grabbed once the lights go out.

Beer Up Trappiste éclairage LED au remplissage
tireuse à bière trappiste remplissage par le bas Beer Up System

simple self-service pressure service

The Beer Up Trappiste beer dispenser is self-service. It’s a quick, easy and fun way to serve and enjoy draught beer.

CO2 bottle and keg can be hidden under the table. Thanks to its high flow rate, this stand-alone beer pump considerably increases output.

This free-access beer pump reduces the time spent on service, while providing a captivating spectacle for users and draught beer enthusiasts alike.

Bottom pull with perfect foam collar

Beer Up System is a patented technology combining an innovative pressure-pulling device with dedicated serving cups. Beer Up cups feature a valve at the bottom. When serving and activating the filling process, a nozzle is inserted inside the cup. The jet is projected and glides against the walls of the glass, generating a delicate foam. Once the glass is full, the filling process stops automatically.
tirage pression en spirale Beer Up System

A pressure draught with high output and throughput

The Trappist filler has a capacity of up to 100L per hour. Installation is simple, via a connection to a CO2 cylinder and a drum. An integrated compressor (3/8 HP) completes the automatic dispensing system.  The filler must therefore be plugged into the mains.

The Trappist filler can be placed on a table or counter. The metal box can be customized with magnets.

This transportable filler is ideal for events, sports club refreshment areas or catering services.

Pompe à bière en libre service Beer Up System
tireuse à bière pression autonome en self-service

A "mixed" draft grid to serve a pint and a half

Beer Up System’s Trappist taps feature a “mixed” grid for serving 25 cl or 50 cl glasses.

The filler will detect the size of glass engaged (half or pint). Filling stops automatically: the right dose with a perfect foam neck.

remplissage gobelets Beer Up System