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Coupes de champagne by Re-uz : verres réemployables élégants pour mariage

Reusable cups for weddings

Eco-friendly cups and containers

For your wedding embrace sustainability by choosing Ecocup ® reusable cups .

Re-uz ® reusable cups and containers combine ideal qualities to ensure convenience and safety during your events.

They give you the satisfaction of offering a safe, waste-free wedding, and creating unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.

Gobelet Ecocup personnalisé pour mariage

Reusable cups for a safe, eco-friendly wedding

Re-uz ® offers you a fantastic selection of reusable cups for an eco-friendly, 100% safe wedding. Crafted from high-quality sturdy materials, our cups truly are built to last. Shock- and drop-resistant, Ecocup ® cups are the perfect option for a hassle-free reception.

Washable and unbreakable, the Ecocup ® cup provides unparalleled peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what matters most during your special day. Ultralight, it also frees up your guests to simply enjoy the dance floor, without restraint.

It’s a chic, eco-friendly alternative to the usual disposable versions.

Personalised cups: the perfect thank you gift

Customising your wedding cups means creating practical and useful memories to give to your guests. Thanks to high-quality printing, Ecocup ® cups remain washable and retain their brilliance over multiple uses. They are a thank-you gift that will stay with your loved ones far beyond the celebration.

Each reusable cup becomes a unique and meaningful piece. It evokes the emotions of your big day through a date, names, or sentimental illustration. Customised with your wedding colours, the cups perfectly adapt to the theme of your choice. They can then serve as complete decorative elements.

Customised specifically for the occasion, these cups subtly integrate into the visual narrative of your event, as captured in your wedding photos.

Gobelets Ecocup by Re-uz personnalisés pour mariage
Coupe de champagne Ecocup by Re-uz pour mariages et célébrations

Sustainable elegance with Re-uz ® wine glasses and flutes.

The Ecocup ® range includes glasses in various sizes, particularly suited for festive drinks. These are unbreakable and lightweight containers ideal for your receptions.

The Re-uz ® teams place particular emphasis on the aesthetics of each product. Thus, you do not compromise the refined style of your wedding in any way by opting for eco-friendly containers. Our models of wine glasses, flutes, and cocktail glasses harmoniously blend with the most elegant wedding themes.

Just like the classic cups, these models are also customisable. This adds an innovative touch for serving wine, champagne, and other celebratory drinks.

A selection of reusable tableware for an eco-friendly wedding

At Re-uz ®, we promote re-use through a diverse range that goes beyond cups : a range of reusable plates and dishes completes the service.

Each piece of Re-uz ® tableware is carefully designed to offer style and durability.

Make a meaningful choice for your wedding by opting for our reusable tableware. Not only does it add elegance to your tables, but it also reflects your commitment to more sustainable consumption.

Vaisselle réemployable by Re-uz