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Resealable and reusable Poke bowl | 106 cl bowl for Poké

The Re-uz ® poke bowl container is a large, low bowl used for plating cold dishes like poke or poke bowls, served as for first or main courses. It offers a 172.3 mm top diameter, providing a wide opening for displaying the varied and colorful ingredients that make up the poke. This washable, reusable plastic container features a lid for storage and transport.

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DishesServing dishes
Take-away crockery
Type of dishesBowl
Weight124.2 grams
Height62 mm
Bottom diameter105.7 mm


LidAirtight lid
WashingDishwasher safe
Temperature resistanceUp to 70°C

Colors / Customization

Container colourTransparent
Lid colourClear white
Types of printing & personalisationNeutral without personalisation

Delivery & packaging

Reuse solutionPurchase
DeliveryAt home, On event, Pickup point
Packaging84 units per box
Made in Europe

All our customizable cups are made and personalized in Europe

The Re-uz expertise

Our dedicated teams support you in your projects. We adapt our solutions to your needs.


Personalized to be reused, our eco-responsible containers are infinitely customizable!

The approach

Our approach: combine practical, ecological and sustainable to make reuse obvious.

an eco-friendly container designed specifically for bowls dishes

The Re-uz ® Poke Bowl container is a reusable plastic container designed for serving mixed dishes and starters such as poke or buddha bowls.
These dishes are characterized by a variety of ingredients, making them balanced and colorful meals. It was therefore essential for Re-uz ® to design a container that would showcase these compositions while also being environmentally friendly.

The Re-uz ® poke bowl container: celebrating colorful creations

Recipes featuring sweet and savory flavors, mixes of colors and textures, “bowl” type dishes must be presented in a serving bowl that will enhance them. Enjoyed straight from the bowl, it’s imperative to offer a shape and capacity that provide ease and comfort of consumption for users.

We have created a container that meets these needs while also considering environmental concerns. Indeed, there are many single-use packaging options available for bowls, but we have taken our design further by offering this washable reusable plastic dish, which can be used many times and is recyclable at the end of its life. It’s the ultimate eco-friendly packaging, with durability ensured by proven resistance.

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Ergonomic and stylish container for creative recipes.

The poke bowl container can be used without the lid, like a regular bowl, or sealed and placed in the refrigerator to keep ingredients fresh and crisp. Its airtight lid allows it to be used as a storage box or reusable packaging for takeaway and delivery services. Whether open or closed, it’s a stackable container for optimal organisation in the kitchen.

Whether it’s a poke bowl, its vegetarian version the Buddha bowl, noodle-based dishes like pad thai, or even the smoothie bowl for sweet and nutritious breakfasts, the trend is towards these customizable compositions that cater to a variety of consumers. It’s a food presentation style largely focused on visual appeal, requiring a container with refined aesthetics and ergonomics. This transparent plate with a high rim awakens the senses by revealing the colours and substances of its contents. It’s the perfect tableware option for these attractive and photogenic dishes.

A durable and reliable bowl, respectful of its contents and its user.

Re-uz ® offers you this large bowl for plating your composed dishes. Rigid, stable, it is a high-quality container that secures the service and offers a pleasant experience to your clientele.

Bowls are complete meals, particularly appreciated for their freshness, healthiness, and natural aspect. It becomes obvious to associate them with a durable and nature-friendly container.

Our resealable poke bowl container is returnable, which encourages its reuse. It engages users who opt for delivery or takeaway. Create a truly eco-responsible community around your dishes by choosing this infinitely durable container.

It’s part of a range of containers that can be reused limitlessly. It pairs perfectly with the salad bowl and the ramekin from the same Tritan range. All three are resealable thanks to an airtight lid.

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