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NOMADE dual-draw turntable: convert spout draw to Beer Up System

The Beer-up Nomade turntable transforms your existing nomad machine into a Beer-up beer filler.

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Drawing & service

Glass rinserdouble
Drawdouble draft, doubled draw: 2 x 25 cl, doubled draw: 2 x 50 cl, mixed draw: 25 cl + 50 cl
Fillingautomatic, manual, removable spout
Beer pressure service25 cl Beer Up, 50 cl pint Beer Up, bottom filling
Draw gridchoice of beer drafts upstream: 2 grids to define, Interchangeable grids during service
Set of grids provided2 grids for 25 cl draw, 2 grids for 50 cl draw
Drainerstainless steel


Servicebar service
Filling controlbuttons
Number of buttons2 buttons for automatic filling, 2 buttons for manual filling
Distribution systemon existing installation, via CO2 bottle (not supplied)
Speedvolumetric meter
Lightingbacklit buttons

Set up

Type of beer tapplate / draw plate
Installationdual evaporator nomadic module conversion DAV Equipment D11232T, simple nomadic evaporator module conversion DAV Equipment D11202T
This beer tap includesBeer Up System professional draft system
Type of barrels20 L, 20 L tube, 30 L flat
Connectionsobligatory earth connection

Technical characteristics

Width581 mm
Depth582 mm
Height64 mm

The Beer Up Nomade double-draught tray: conversion to draught from below

Beer Up System’s mobile tapping tray offers a truly unique tapping serviceby converting your “classic” mobile tapping machine. Thanks to this tray, you can now enjoy automatic or manual bottom filling of Beer Up cups, all at the touch of a button…

conversion platine nomade Beer Up System by Re-uz

Converting your mobile tapping machine to turn up the heat

The Nomade Beer Up turntable boosts the performance of your mobile filler. This innovative, patented device will appeal as much to the users who will pilot the service as to the customers who will discover the concept. Draught is controlled at the touch of a finger, either automatically or manually. The glass fills itself without further intervention. Once full, unclip the glass and serve! This draft device is combined with Beer Up cups featuring a valve at the bottom. The filling base is inserted into the glass to fill it. A spiral jet generates delicate foam naturally. Every glass is filled to the brim, to the centilitre, with a perfect foam neck!

A Beer Up System turntable for intensive use

The Nomade Beer Up turntable has been specially designed for intensive use. It provides fast, efficient and simplifiedservice thanks to intuitive operation and high throughput. In addition, this is the draft tray found on the Beer System mobile filler. This pressure-draw device is ideal for events and establishments where speed is of the essence.

An outstanding pressure-drawing device

Simplicity of use, perfection of service and durability are reflected in every detail of this tray: – outstanding consistency: each container is filled to the centilitre with a perfect foam collar; – filling takes just seconds to optimize service; – 50 cl pint Beer Up or 25 cl half Beer Up can be served; – the cups used are reusable (several hundred times), customizable and 100% recyclable. The Beer Up nomad tray is much more than a serving accessory: it’s a real (r)evolution that will simplify your management, improve efficiency and impress your customers.
platine nomade double tirage pression & verres Beer Up

Efficient & innovative double-pressure

tirage pression en spirale Beer Up System

Specific features of a Beer Up System double-draw turntable

The mobile board complements DAV Equipement’s draught/beer pump module (single or dual evaporator D11232T or D11202T). The tray can be installed in place of conventional columns and spouts. You gain in height (6.40 cm only). With a width of 58.10 cm and a depth of 58.20 cm, the top fits perfectly into the initial module.

Beer Up System’s spiral filling technology only changes the serving method. The tray is installed on an existing istallation (drums & CO2 cylinder).

The double draught allows connection to 2 separate drums.

Automatic or manual filling

Innovative filling control: 2 buttons per draw allow you to choose between automatic filling (which stops automatically once the glass is full) and manual filling.

The glasses fit into “grids”. The grids are adapted to their container. So, before serving, you can opt for a 25 cl or 50cl draw… The machine alone will determine the terms of the draw.
It is also possible to change the grids during service (from 25 cl to 50 cl or vice versa)… It only takes a few seconds to change the draught excluder.

platine de tirage pression nomade Beer Up System
platine nomade Beer Up System & gobelet pinte en plastique

Fingertip pressure for a perfect foam collar

Foam is an essential part of the beer-tasting experience. It adds an attractive visual touch to the drink, and also plays an important role in releasing aromas and flavors.
Beer Up’s spiral filling technology ensures that the foam forms evenly and reaches the ideal height, which is essential for optimal tasting.

remplissage gobelets Beer Up System
The Beer Up System is based on a filling process that transcends traditional beer dispensing methods. The beer is dispensed with an upward spiral, creating a gentle, controlled agitation inside the beaker. This agitation promotes the formation of dense foam.