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STAND UP self-service beer filler Beer Up System

The Beer Up Stand Up is a mobile table for private events or large gatherings. Easily transportable, it can be installed anywhere. Easily transportable, it can be used for self-service drinks. The fabric around the legs can be customized… for the ultimate in user-friendliness.

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Drawing & service

Availabilitypurchase, rental
Container CompatibilityBeer Up glasses / tumblers
Drawsingle draw
Beer pressure service25 cl Beer Up, 50 cl pint Beer Up, bottom filling
Draw gridGrid
Set of grids provided1 single grid


Serviceself service
Filling controlGlass engagement
Distribution systemvia CO2 bottle (not supplied)
Speed20 L/h (Δ T 30), 64 L/h (Δ T 15), volumetric meter

Set up

Type of beer taphigh table with integrated pull-out tray
Installationmobile module on casters
This beer tap includesBeer Up System professional draft system, piping specific to the connection of 1 beer keg, specific piping connection for regulator and CO2 bottle, table / high bar table
Type of barrels20 L, 20 L tube, 30 L flat
Connectionsobligatory earth connection

Technical characteristics

Depth800 mm
Height1250 mm
CO2 bottle compatibility500 g to 5 kg
Dosageelectronic timer
Personalisationchoice of top finishes, customizable canvas

The Beer Up Stand Up: a stand-up beer-eating pump

The Beer Up Stand Up is a stand-up table equipped with a self-service draught system. This high table is equipped with the Beer Up System: place the glass in the center of the table… It fills up from the bottom! Self-service and without constraints, the Beer Up Stand Up allows you to serve beer in a different, autonomous and convivial way. Give your guests a unique experience!

Mange debout Beer Up System tirage bière pression

The user-friendly self-service beer dispenser

The Beer Up Stand Up is an original high table equipped with a pressure draft device. Self-service and unobtrusive, the pressure-pulling device is hidden under the table skirt.

The Beer Up Stand Up cleverly conceals the keg and CO2 bottle under the table. The canvas can also be customized. Personalization allows you to highlight your brand or the theme of your event. Give your guests a unique Beer Up Stand Up experience at your next event!

Self-service convenience with Beer Up Stand Up

The Beer Up Stand Up is a 1.25 m high table around which 6 to 8 people can sit. The 80 cm diameter round tray is ideal for glasses, aperitifs, platters of cold meats… Extremely convivial, each guest can help himself to a draught beer on a self-service basis. Forget spouts, glasses are filled from the bottom thanks to the Beer Up System. This high table can be easily dismantled and set up both indoors and outdoors. It also has wheels for easy movement. It will delight restaurateurs, trade show organizers and caterers keen to offer an original service that makes a lasting impression. This original device will find its place in all situations: VIP areas, bars or private events. Filling the glasses from below will arouse the interest and curiosity of all participants.
mange debout tireuse à bière Beer Up System
mange debout Beer Up System tireuse à bière

A pressure-drawing system concealed under a high table

Equipped with a single draught, the Beer Up Stand Up offers a maximum flow rate of 64 L per hour. Serves 25 cl ( Beer Up half-size tumbler ) or 50 cl ( Beer Up pint-size tumbler ) glasses. 20 L, 30 L flat or 20 L “tube” drums can be used. They fit perfectly under the table.
types de fûts adaptés au Beer Up Stand Up

Self-service filling from below

Beer Up glasses/cups feature a valve at the bottom. Mounted on the pull-out plate, the nozzle is inserted inside the glass. Filling is carried out quickly via a whirlpool that generates just the right amount of foam. Once the glass is full, filling stops automatically. The customer takes back his glass and can begin his tasting.

The Beer Up Stand Up device is a real money-saver : you no longer need to make a starter for each glass. It is estimated that between 10 and 15% of the barrel’s volume can be saved with this device.

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