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Gobelets réutilisables anniversaire

Birthday parties

Reusable cups and containers for birthday parties

Organise zero-waste birthday parties with Re-uz® reusable containers.

Our range of customisable cups and containers in various sizes will provide reliable and safe tableware for your birthday celebrations.

Reliable tableware for birthday parties

Customisable wine glasses and flutes: celebrate in style and with sustainability

Toast safely by choosing reusable plastic stemware. For organising your birthday or that of a loved one, make the responsible and elegant choice with Re-uz® wine glasses and champagne flutes. Lightweight, sturdy, and durable, these stemmed glasses replace traditional glass models during your birthday celebrations, offering both safety and practicality. They are an eco-friendly alternative that prevents breakage and reduces waste.

Their festive design instantly puts your guests in a celebratory mood, for a joyful and memorable birthday. Additionally, these stemmed glasses can be screen-printed for customisation, adding a unique touch to your reception.

Verre à vin pour anniversaires by Re-uz
Gobelets pour anniversaires by Re-uz

Ecocup ® cups: the sustainable solution for birthday parties

Replace your traditional glasses with Ecocup ® cups from Re-uz ® to serve drinks at your birthday parties and soirées. It’s a no-break, no-waste alternative for these convivial moments that bring adults and children together. Lightweight and stackable, these cups are easy to store and ready to use for any other occasion. You can keep them for next year’s birthday party. Ideal for children’s birthdays, these cups withstand mishaps and playful activities. Washable and reusable many times over, they make for a delightful memento of your birthday when reused daily.

With a focus on complete recyclability at the end of its life, our teams craft Ecocup ® cups from a single material: polypropylene. We attach great importance to optimising the life cycle of our products. Each stage is carefully considered, from conception to end-of-life, to produce containers that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Because plastic shouldn’t mean waste, we aim to redefine norms by utilising its durability, making reuse a priority.

Customising cups for a memorable birthday party

Create lasting memories of your birthday by choosing to personalise your Ecocup ® cups. Perfect for festive drinks, they are also an original and useful souvenir of your party. Whether you choose a humorous inscription or a design that simply celebrates theguest of honor, your party cups will not go unnoticed! Whether gifted to your guests or kept in your cupboards for daily use, they are sure to bring smiles long after the event.

Our printing methods offer high-definition rendering that enhances the illustration and message. Customisation doesn’t prevent them from being washed: the cups can be put in the dishwasher many times over, leaving the design intact. In fact, the durability of personalised cups also lies in the quality ofprinting provided by Re-uz ®.

Gobelet Ecocup pour les anniversaires & célébrations by Re-uz
Tireuse à bière Beer Up Party by Re-uz

Beer tap Beer Up Party: the mobile beer service

For your birthday celebration, the Beer Up Party portable beer dispenser is ideal for turning any gathering into a lively party. It is the first self-contained beer pump without electricity and it can be moved at any time. It can hold a 5-liter keg and, thanks to Beer Up technology, allows glasses to be filled from below. The Beer Up Party pump features an isothermal box that guarantees beer freshness for up to 20 hours. It’s perfect for summer evenings and poolside birthday parties. Lightweight, with an ergonomic handle, it’s easy to carry.

Assorted Beer Up cups, in half or pintcomplete the tapping experience. These are reusable cups, specially designed for this unique bottom-pull system. They can be customised with two-color silk-screening, so you can make the whole experience your own.

A complete assortment ofreusable plates and dishes for birthday parties

Complete your set of reusable containers with dishes, plates and bowls to present all your snacks at your birthday party. Available in different sizes, styles and colors, these serving dishes are designed to accommodate all types of food. This means they can be used as a complete, matching range, to be deployed as and when required.

What they have in common, however, is their durability. These unbreakable dishes are a practical, safe solution for events such as birthday parties and soirées. They come in a variety of sizes to enhance dry or sauced dishes and accompaniments. These versatile containers are becoming essentials for a zero-waste, risk-free birthday party.

Re-uz ® reusable plastic tableware is not only safe and environmentally friendly; guests also appreciate its lightness and practicality for festive occasions.

Plat en plastique réutilisable pour fêtes d'anniversaires by Re-uz