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Gobelets et contenants réutilisables pour écoles by Re-uz
Gobelet réutilisable pour écoles : fêtes de fin d'année & kermesses by Re-uz ®
Barquette réemployable pour écoles, fêtes d'école, kermesse by Re-uz ®


Safe and reliable reusable tableware for schools

A zero-waste end-of-year party made possible with Re-uz ®reusable containers.

Cups, plates and dishes: we offer a complete range of tableware that is both eco-responsible and safe for school events.

Eco-friendly cups and dishes for school parties

Gobelets Ecocup perosnnalisés fête d'école by Re-uz

Lightweight, practical reusable cups for all ages

Re-uz ® offers you a wide selection of reusable cups for use in schools, for everyday use as well as for special events. Lightweight and unbreakable, the cups from the Ecocup ® range are designed to be easy for both children and adults to handle. They ensure a high level of safety in the classroom as well as during end-of-year parties. There’s no risk of breakage, and students can move around freely while enjoying their drinks. For school fairs, end-of-year dances in middle schools and high schools, Ecocup ® cups
are the reliable, durable option. Stackable and therefore easy to store, they can be used year after year.

While their primary goal is to reduce or even eliminate waste, they also provide an economical and functional solution for schools. Easily washable, suitable for both hot and cold drinks, these reusable cups have become versatile essentials for all schools.

Reusable trays and dishes: easier service for school fairs

Because beverages are rarely served alone at school events, explore the Re-uz ® reusable containers designed for all types of food as well. For serving pancakes, waffles or popcorn, we offer dishes in a variety of capacities and sizes. Lightweight and durable, they are ideal for school events. They replace cardboard plates, which are easily bent, offering a safer, more practical solution. Unlike these single-use plates, all Re-uz ® containers can be reused many times before being fully recycled. Their varied formats make them highly adaptable to different event needs, guaranteeing smooth, efficient organization.

Bol en plastique réemployable pour les écoles by Re-uz
Tasses en plastique réemployables pour boissons chaudes by Re-uz

Cups with reusable lids: A safe solution for hot drinks

The Re-uz ® Hotcup range are reusable, customisable reusable specially designed for hot drinks. They are a safe and practical solution for serving hot beverages such as hot chocolate or coffee at school parties. In this way, they ensure the safety of students, parents, teachers and volunteers. Their hermetically sealed lid reduces the risk of spills and burns.

They also provide an environmentally friendly option by helping to reduce single-use plastic waste. It’s a choice that demonstrates your school ‘s commitment to sustainability.

Choose these reusable mugs and make school events moments of conviviality with a focus on ecology and safety!

Personalised cups for lasting memories

Host vibrant school parties with personalised cups and carafes. Our printing methods allow us to incorporate your chosen design onto the container, adding a festive and memorable touch. IML, silkscreen or digital printing, each of our techniques offers a high-quality finish that withstands repeated washing and intensive use. Personalisation with the school logo or student designs reinforces community spirit and helps develop lasting memories.

When customised, cups become an integral part of the even’s decoration. They appear in photos, serving as a reminder of the shared moments of conviviality.

Gobelets personnalisables Ecocup by Re-uz pour les kermesses et fêtes de fin d'année dans les établissements scolaires